A treatment usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and can be done through light clothing or directly on your skin.

During the first session, the client’s medical history will be recorded and any questions or concerns the client has will be answered. The practitioner will also make some simple postural and mobility assessments.

To begin with, you will be asked to lie, face down on a massage bed and then the practitioner will usually make moves on the torso first, then on the legs, upper and mid back, neck and knees. Depending on your problem area, other moves may also be incorporated. You will probably be surprised at how gentle and light the moves are, and although there may be areas of tension which may feel a bit tender, the treatment is very relaxing and many clients fall asleep.

Bowen practitioners have an important skill which we call ‘tissue sense’, meaning that they can tell where there is a build up of stress or tension in muscles and other soft tissue. Throughout the treatment, they use this ‘tissue sense’ to continually evaluate and decide on which moves are best for you.

After each group of moves, the practitioner will leave the room for about 2 minutes to allow your body to assimilate the work. Some people prefer the practitioner to stay in the room and of course when treating babies or children, they will stay in the room.

Please note - many clients will only need about 2 or 3 treatments to gain full relief from their symptoms. However, if they have a chronic condition, they may need more treatments. Each person is different and so each client is treated according to their needs.